We are a small shop but you’ll always find a musician behind the counter who is knowledgeable about the instruments we choose to stock.

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Gerry with F4

Gerry with F4

Gerry decided at an early age that the musicians life was for him. While he was still at high school he was earning good money playing gigs on the weekend. Starting on guitar, fiddle and mandolin at the same time he quickly got a solid grounding in all three and, at the age of 17, found himself onstage with Kenny Baker and Bill Monroe…but that’s another story. Gerry has performed with Paul Kelly, Colin Hay, Deborah Conway, and Renee Geyer among others. He plays banjo, lap steel, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, dobro and a smattering of pedal steel and various South American instruments. Other loves include wine, cheese and Belgian beer. [/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″]



by Gary Cockburn

Graham Lee

Graham has known Gerry for a long time. They first met in 1984 at a barbecue in Sydney and their paths have been crossing ever since, though they generally move in different circles (which is handy when drawing up rosters). Graham spent most of the 80s on pedal steel with ARIA Hall Of Famers The Triffids and has been involved in memorial shows and re-issues for that band in the past few years. It was through a record produced by Graham for the label he owned with Steve Miller (W. Minc Productions, sadly now defunct) that Gerry and Uncle Bill began playing with Paul Kelly. We have some of the few remaining copies of that disc in the shop by the way…ask for Where Joy Kills Sorrow. Graham has been infected with the banjo bug after valiantly resisting for as long as he could. He also looks after the website and helps Gerry with the Belgian beer.[/su_column][/su_row]