We had a big night at Guitar Gallery on Monday 3rd June to mark the beginning of Winter. Wine tasting followed by trying to pick which fine F4 style mandolin Gerry was playing hidden behind a sheet. Mandolins are harder to pick than guitars and no-one got them all right. Perhaps we should do the instrument tasting before the wine tasting. Just a thought.

Muhammad and his kora graced us with their presence as did Tony O’Neill with his Gilchrist F4, Pepi Emmerichs joined in on fiddle.¬†Gerry alternated between his Gibson mando-cello and “George” his monstrous mando-cello made by Richard Morgan. It was a fine fusion of African, celtic and bluegrass. Thanks to all who came. Some videos follow. We’ll be holding more of these evenings and we intend to invite some of our valued customers along – so come in to the shop and make yourself one of those, a valued customer that is.


[su_youtube_advanced url=”[su_youtube url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzNU4gwlVgY’] ” playlist=”‘HV74ZKvIkUQ’,’pBrDRpAma_M'”][/su_youtube_advanced]