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What Makes The BR-361 Parlour Guitar An Ideal Choice For Guitar Enthusiasts?

The BR-361 Parlour-style guitar is made for both professional and guitar enthusiasts in mind. It carries features which easily distinguish themselves across visual and tonal levels from anything else that one can find in any music instrument shop today. BR-361 has a solid selective Sitka spruce top along with solid East Indian Rosewood for the sides, back and body binding. The whole combination of selective materials and high-quality workmanship makes sure to give a very deep, rich tone and hence give a look which goes well beyond its price tag. One can even conduct guitar repairs quite easily.

Let us look into the features of this guitar:

  • It contains a solid Sitka spruce top carrying scalloped braces which gives guitarists clean articulation along with a crisp tone.
  • The solid East Indian Rosewood and sides offer a guarantee to deep bass along with strong cutting power.
  • Its slim mahogany neck offers swift, easy action and long-lasting stability.
  • There are distinct herringbone marquetry and snowflake position markers which evoke the beauty of vintage ’30s.

Other Specifications

We will discuss some of the other specifications which you should be aware of before going over to an instrument store for buying this guitar:

  • In a modern acoustic guitar, Indian rosewood is the most common fingerboard and bridge material used. The characteristics are ideal for use in all these applications because it is quite durable, offers a great look and adds on to the desirable as well as the complex tone of any instrument.
  • Traditional construction techniques which were used in the making of vintage instruments at the time of Golden Era of instrument production still stand the test of time.
  • The special thing about BR-361 Parlour Guitar lies in its details. Here, the experts combine rosewood backs and sides with the help of traditional white binding and exotic abalone purfling.

So, we can easily make out that there are enough reasons for BR-361 Parlor Guitar to become an ideal option for Guitar Enthusiasts.

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