Three Points One Should Consider Before Going to Any Instrument Store for Buying an Electric Bass Guitar

It is always a desire for guitar enthusiasts to get hold of electric bass guitars and hit the right note by playing them in their leisure hours. Now, some people might suggest that one should spend as much as possible, based on your affordability to get the ideal electric bass guitar but, this is not how it should be. If someone has never played a bass before, then he or she would need to try out as many as possible to find out what works the best for him or her.

There are certain variables which combine to make the instrument work for you in an ideal manner.

They include the following:

  • The number of strings.
  • Space between the strings.
  • Weight of the Instrument.
  • The shape of the Neck
  • Tone
  • Balance
  • The shape of the body

As every individual is different, hence, the electric bass guitar in Victoria, which works for a friend of yours, might not work for you.

You must have clarity regarding the specifications so that you do not have to waste time searching for the one you want.

Let us briefly look into the three main points which you should consider while buying an electric bass guitar:

Go for a new Bass Guitar

  • One of the main reasons behind this is the warranty which the new instruments offer.
  • Despite having this advantage, it is always advisable to examine the new bass guitar, just like you would for a used one, as there is no guarantee that the brand new bass guitar would come without defects.
  • Moreover, price is also a factor as a new instrument will be quite costly.

Look For The Brand Names 

  • When you buy an instrument without any brand name on it, then there is always a risk as far as the quality and, its features are concerned.
  • So, to avoid this from occurring, try and get your hands on those electric bass guitars carrying quality brand names, including Fender/Squire, Yamaha, Peavey, Ibanez and Washburn.

Focus On The Music Shop To Buy Your Electric Bass Guitar

  • Do your research on the music shop in Australia that would not only give you the best deal but also support you by offering excellent customer service in the future.
  • Approaching a well-known shop would also help you to have your warranty work done, hence save precious time.

What Makes The BR-361 Parlour Guitar An Ideal Choice For Guitar Enthusiasts?

The BR-361 Parlour-style guitar is made for both professional and guitar enthusiasts in mind. It carries features which easily distinguish themselves across visual and tonal levels from anything else that one can find in any music instrument shop today. BR-361 has a solid selective Sitka spruce top along with solid East Indian Rosewood for the sides, back and body binding. The whole combination of selective materials and high-quality workmanship makes sure to give a very deep, rich tone and hence give a look which goes well beyond its price tag. One can even conduct guitar repairs quite easily.

Let us look into the features of this guitar:

  • It contains a solid Sitka spruce top carrying scalloped braces which gives guitarists clean articulation along with a crisp tone.
  • The solid East Indian Rosewood and sides offer a guarantee to deep bass along with strong cutting power.
  • Its slim mahogany neck offers swift, easy action and long-lasting stability.
  • There are distinct herringbone marquetry and snowflake position markers which evoke the beauty of vintage ’30s.

Other Specifications

We will discuss some of the other specifications which you should be aware of before going over to an instrument store for buying this guitar:

  • In a modern acoustic guitar, Indian rosewood is the most common fingerboard and bridge material used. The characteristics are ideal for use in all these applications because it is quite durable, offers a great look and adds on to the desirable as well as the complex tone of any instrument.
  • Traditional construction techniques which were used in the making of vintage instruments at the time of Golden Era of instrument production still stand the test of time.
  • The special thing about BR-361 Parlour Guitar lies in its details. Here, the experts combine rosewood backs and sides with the help of traditional white binding and exotic abalone purfling.

So, we can easily make out that there are enough reasons for BR-361 Parlor Guitar to become an ideal option for Guitar Enthusiasts.


What Can You Expect To Receive From BR-43CE10 Blueridge Guitar?

The BR-43CE10 Blueridge acoustic guitar delivers great traditional sound along with the right kind of feel. It has a modern look and is available at a low price. Despite having a low price, the Blueridge guitars are crafted beautifully with solid spruce tops, hand-carved braces, mahogany backs and sides along with a traditional dovetail neck joint which is normally found on the costly acoustic guitars. It also has a nice pearl inlay work on the headstock, body of “000”- size and slim mahogany neck that makes the Blueridge BR-43 guitars very easy to play.

Let us briefly discuss the features of this kind of beginner guitar which you can find while looking for it in a music instrument store:

  • There is select solid Sitka Spruce top with hand-crafted parabolic braces designed in the authentic pattern of prewar forward X.
  • The back and sides are made with Mahogany.
  • There is a Carved Mahogany, low profile neck with a dovetail neck joint.
  • The best steel string acoustic guitar has a natural high-gloss finish.
  • The body size of “000” goes with a 14th-fret body joint.
  • It also has a black 5-ply body binding.
  • There are Mother-of-pearl dot position markers.
  • Fingerboard and Bridge are made of East Indian Rosewood.
  • There is ornate mother-of-pearl peghead inlay.
  • There are bone nut and saddle.
  • It has a black pickguard.
  • There are vintage-style 14:1 ratio open-back turners made of nickel with butterbean-style buttons.
  • The width of its nut is 1 11/16″
  • The length of its scale is 25.5”

The triple zero patterns in this guitar make it very comfortable for musicians to sit down and play in the best possible manner. This cutaway feature gives higher access to upper frets and gets amplified further through a Fishman pick-up for performing on the stage.


What Are The Things You Should Consider Before Buying a New Guitar?

Whenever you go over to buy your first guitar before taking your guitar lessons, it is always a very exciting thing. As you do proper research on cars before buying a brand new one, the same kind of due diligence must be applied to musical instruments as well. Right from browsing reviews online to asking friends, colleagues for their opinion, you can never really put in too much research into the process of buying. It is also necessary that you have a store in mind to get the guitar service done if any problem crops up.

Let us discuss some of the things you should consider before buying a new guitar:

  • Always Play The Guitar Before Buying It:

When you check any product online for reviews, the pictures that are posted, always make it look cool. The aesthetics happen to be only part of the whole package. There are some of the most beautiful guitars which turn out be quite difficult to tackle which means, you should always put in your best to handle a guitar personally before you finally purchase it. Moreover, having seen a guitar online can even tempt you to buy it online. Still, you should always head over to a guitar store near me to get the first experience of it.

  • Have a Final Price Range On Your Mind:

The most important thing that you should do before going over to a guitar shop is, plan your finances and decide on a range of price that would ideally work for you. Guitars can be quite costly which depends mainly on the brand and features that they contain. Thus, if you fix a price range, then it would not let you overspend.

  • Do Not Simply Focus On Brands:

There are numerous guitarists, particular the new ones, feel the need to purchase a branded guitar to achieve success at learning and in playing a bass guitar or an acoustic guitar. Though the brand does have an impact on factors like quality as well as longevity, the only aspect you should focus on is how you feel, when you have the guitar in your hand. It is important not to worry about names as you can always upgrade and get yourself accustomed to a much advanced and bigger guitar in almost no time.


What Are The Specifications You Can Expect To Find In KM-270 Kentucky Mandolin?

The most popular mandolins before the year 1922 contained Oval-shaped sound holes. They used to offer a distinctive sound which played a significant role in shaping up the sound of popular music of the day. The small size, one of a kind voice along with relative affordability made the instrument perfect for a wide variety of musical styles. Till date, popular A-style instruments of yesteryears are still played out by expert musicians and remain coveted by collectors all across the world.

In these present times, any individual can afford to have this truly legendary mandolin design in a Kentucky KM-270 mandolin of A-style carrying the oval-shaped hole for sound.

It incorporates some of the best features containing classic designs and making use of only the best quality tonewoods. Each instrument which you can find in the music instruments shop near me is hand-carved like an expert and goes on to produce an instrument with the right kind of look, tone and quality build-up of all the highly prized collectible instruments.

We will now list out the specifications which this KM-270 Kentucky Mandolin contains:

  • The back and side material is made of solid maple.
  • The binding is made of Ivoroid.
  • The material used for a bridge is Rosewood carrying Adjustment Wheels.
  • The Fingerboard Binding contains White ABS.
  • The Fingerboard Inlay contains M-O-P Dots.
  • Rosewood is the material used in Fingerboard.
  • The instrument does come in Natural Blonde finish and is coded KM-272.
  • There is a Dovetail body joint.
  • On-piece Maple is the material used for Neck Material.
  • Bone is the nut material used.
  • The Peghead Inlay contains a Vintage Wreath white pearl along with a pearl Kentucky script.
  • Snakehead Rosewood is used for Peghead Overlay.
  • The Tailpiece is Nickel-plated with cover plate and leather insert.
  • The top of this instrument has solid spruce.

Northfield The “Big Mon” F-5

Northfield USA are breaking into new ground with collaborations with top luthiers throughout the world.This is what they say..

Enlarged slightly from the standard F5 style and tuned for a very responsive and rich sound, this design has been featured on many albums by premier players and toured with substantially the world over. Inspired by the innovators and pioneers of acoustic music in the United States, the “Big Mon” design is a tribute to those intent on pushing boundaries while maintaining traditions.

All materials from North America, seasoned and matched in our Marshall, MI shop. Assembled and varnished in our Qingdao shop. Set up and final inspected in our Marshall, MI shop.


Pepi with Guy

A long time back this Guy came to our store for violin coaching and luckily Pepi Emmerichs was working for us and obliged.

Gallery Gallery

Peter Rowan

Peter Rowan,bluegrass legend,stopped by our store and was drawn to this old Gibson Mandocello,and in his hands took on a new life as a Tex Mex Bajo Sexto maybe ?


How to Make the Most of Your Banjo Lessons?

Banjo refers to an instrument having four, five or six strings, carrying a fine membrane stretching over a frame to form a particular resonator. Taking banjo lessons from a well-trained and qualified teach would significantly accelerate your progress lot faster than learning simply through trial and error method. If you wish to make the most out of your beginner banjo lessons, then there are several aspects, if taken care of, would accelerate your progress further.

Let us see the things that you must carefully take note of, to make the best use of banjo lessons:

  • It is important to practice all your lessons slowly. This is because, when you do slow practice, the learning tends to be much swifter. One can also allow their body to get enough time to catch up with whatever is there inside your mind.


  • You must practice regularly but should always be gentle with yourself. You must keep in mind that you are taking lessons for banjo as it offers a lot of fun and makes the whole experience quite enriching. One needs to listen to each note they play, enjoy it and gradually you would find that in the long run, the banjo lessons would be something you will look forward to.



  • When you try to learn banjo from a video, you can watch the whole video right at the beginning but once again, start from the beginning, watch for a few seconds and hence practice only what you notice in those few seconds. Rewind and revisit the techniques regularly until you are fully comfortable in implementing the technique on your own.


One and half hour video lesson could well be equivalent to six months of learning the banjo lessons from a teacher. This is why it becomes important to learn one thing at a time so that you do not get overwhelmed.


Tips to Play Mandolin for Beginners

Are you willing to learn, how to play the mandolin perfectly but you are not sure where to start? This blog would provide you with information on the essential things that you should know for setting you on the path to success.

  • Holding Of The Mandolin:

The beginner mandolin must be balanced in such a manner that you do not have to face any problem while reaching any of the notes. You should keep your right hand free, enabling you to change the picking and strumming as and when necessary. The main balance points happen to be the left thumb which guides the mandolin’s neck gently upward, the diaphragm that acts as the main stabilizer and the area right below the inner half of right elbow which manages to anchor the instrument without restricting the wrist movement.

  • Making Use of a Pick:

Once the mandolin has been balanced, you would need to establish a technique to make a functional pick. You simply have to curl the index finger slightly and lay the pick right across it. Then, flatten your thumb across the pick’s face, pressing it firmly against the index finger. The flat bottom half of the index finger and the thumb must remain parallel to one another as well as to the ground. While strumming chords, you would want to have a looser grip and hence let the pick to slide very smoothly across each string. You can get in touch with a mandolin teacher near me to understand its use better.

  • Keep Your Focus on Accuracy:

Mandolin has four sets of dual strings and so, one would always need more amount of finger pressure than it would usually require with most of the ukuleles, guitars etc. Having said that, a quality tone depends more on how accurate you are than strength. To make sure that each doubled string give out a proper sound, it is necessary to hold the string down as close to fret wire as possible without being on top of it. The string’s point of contact to the fret wire helps in producing the pitch that one hears.