Northfield The “Big Mon” F-5

Northfield USA are breaking into new ground with collaborations with top luthiers throughout the world.This is what they say..

Enlarged slightly from the standard F5 style and tuned for a very responsive and rich sound, this design has been featured on many albums by premier players and toured with substantially the world over. Inspired by the innovators and pioneers of acoustic music in the United States, the “Big Mon” design is a tribute to those intent on pushing boundaries while maintaining traditions.

All materials from North America, seasoned and matched in our Marshall, MI shop. Assembled and varnished in our Qingdao shop. Set up and final inspected in our Marshall, MI shop.

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Peter Rowan

Peter Rowan,bluegrass legend,stopped by our store and was drawn to this old Gibson Mandocello,and in his hands took on a new life as a Tex Mex Bajo Sexto maybe ?


How to Make the Most of Your Banjo Lessons?

Banjo refers to an instrument having four, five or six strings, carrying a fine membrane stretching over a frame to form a particular resonator. Taking banjo lessons from a well-trained and qualified teach would significantly accelerate your progress lot faster than learning simply through trial and error method. If you wish to make the most out of your beginner banjo lessons, then there are several aspects, if taken care of, would accelerate your progress further.

Let us see the things that you must carefully take note of, to make the best use of banjo lessons:

  • It is important to practice all your lessons slowly. This is because, when you do slow practice, the learning tends to be much swifter. One can also allow their body to get enough time to catch up with whatever is there inside your mind.


  • You must practice regularly but should always be gentle with yourself. You must keep in mind that you are taking lessons for banjo as it offers a lot of fun and makes the whole experience quite enriching. One needs to listen to each note they play, enjoy it and gradually you would find that in the long run, the banjo lessons would be something you will look forward to.



  • When you try to learn banjo from a video, you can watch the whole video right at the beginning but once again, start from the beginning, watch for a few seconds and hence practice only what you notice in those few seconds. Rewind and revisit the techniques regularly until you are fully comfortable in implementing the technique on your own.


One and half hour video lesson could well be equivalent to six months of learning the banjo lessons from a teacher. This is why it becomes important to learn one thing at a time so that you do not get overwhelmed.


Tips to Play Mandolin for Beginners

Are you willing to learn, how to play the mandolin perfectly but you are not sure where to start? This blog would provide you with information on the essential things that you should know for setting you on the path to success.

  • Holding Of The Mandolin:

The beginner mandolin must be balanced in such a manner that you do not have to face any problem while reaching any of the notes. You should keep your right hand free, enabling you to change the picking and strumming as and when necessary. The main balance points happen to be the left thumb which guides the mandolin’s neck gently upward, the diaphragm that acts as the main stabilizer and the area right below the inner half of right elbow which manages to anchor the instrument without restricting the wrist movement.

  • Making Use of a Pick:

Once the mandolin has been balanced, you would need to establish a technique to make a functional pick. You simply have to curl the index finger slightly and lay the pick right across it. Then, flatten your thumb across the pick’s face, pressing it firmly against the index finger. The flat bottom half of the index finger and the thumb must remain parallel to one another as well as to the ground. While strumming chords, you would want to have a looser grip and hence let the pick to slide very smoothly across each string. You can get in touch with a mandolin teacher near me to understand its use better.

  • Keep Your Focus on Accuracy:

Mandolin has four sets of dual strings and so, one would always need more amount of finger pressure than it would usually require with most of the ukuleles, guitars etc. Having said that, a quality tone depends more on how accurate you are than strength. To make sure that each doubled string give out a proper sound, it is necessary to hold the string down as close to fret wire as possible without being on top of it. The string’s point of contact to the fret wire helps in producing the pitch that one hears.