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November 2017

Huge Guild and Martin sale!!

By |2017-11-03T13:49:53+11:00November 3rd, 2017|featured, On Sale|

Here's a once in a lifetime chance to snaffle a top quality instrument. We've priced some Guild electrics and Martin acoustics so low it makes our eyes water.  There's a Guild Thunderbird, a Guild Aristocrat, a Martin Norman Blake model, a Martin M-38 as played by David Bromberg. And much more - every instrument a [...]

April 2016

Gladiator electric guitars

By |2016-11-10T13:04:37+11:00April 22nd, 2016|featured, On Sale|

  We have a good selection of Gladiator Tele style and Strat style electric guitars available at very reasonable prices. We know there are literally hundreds of cheap copies available these days but the Gladiators are something special. Experienced guitarists who have played them in the shop have been amazed at the look, feel and sound [...]