How much will shipping cost?2017-03-29T14:03:19+11:00

Any purchases above $1000 will be shipped for free throughout Australia. Items less than $1000 will be charged a flat rate of $40. For very large or very heavy items we may need to call you to negotiate a shipping fee but only in exceptional case will it be more than $100.

How do I pay online?2016-05-31T14:33:56+10:00

Currently we accept Paypal,  a manual Credit Card payment, or Direct Deposit into our bank account..  You don’t need a Paypal account to make a payment through Paypal.  If you choose to make a manual payment we will contact you to discuss how to proceed.

Where do Blueridge guitars come from?2016-05-24T14:02:21+10:00

Blueridge guitars are made by San Francisco company Saga. Saga have been making Blueridge guitars since the late 70s, first in Japan, then in Korea and now in China. We have sold Blueridge guitars, and other Saga products eg Kentucky mandolins, Gitane gypsy jazz guitars, Regal resonators, Cremona orchestral stringed instruments, Trinity College guitars and mandolins, for 10 years and we regard them highly for their huge range of models, attention to detail, quality control and the authenticity of their designs. Some of the very best instruments that have come into our shop are from Saga. If you haven’t played one you really should.

What is your returns policy?2016-11-10T13:04:37+11:00

You are entitled to a refund OR repair OR exchange OR credit if the products you’ve bought are:

  • faulty
  • significantly different to those shown or described to you
  • not working as they’re supposed to do.

Changing your mind is not a reason for a refund.

If you have a item that you are wanting to return email us on [email protected] or call 03 9417 2252.

We will assess each request and respond as soon as we can.

Requests for returns will only be accepted within 7 days of you receiving the goods unless you have a warranty claim. No returns will be accepted unless we are contacted first. You will be responsible for return shipping costs unless the product was shipped by us incorrectly. Credits and Refunds are limited to the cost of the goods excluding freight charges.

Do you ship outside Australia?2016-05-31T14:24:48+10:00

Currently we are not able to send instruments anywhere but Australia and New Zealand. If you live elsewhere and you want to buy a particular instrument contact us via email and we will tell you if we can sell and send it to you.

Does the Guitar Gallery only sell guitars?2016-02-04T17:01:22+11:00

Of course not, do you think we’re mad?

We sell guitars, steel string and nylon string and many other stringed instruments – mandolins, banjos, charangos, ukuleles, tenor guitars, dobros, violins, autoharps, pedal steels, lap steels and others too numerous to mention.

Do you buy instruments for actual cash?2016-02-04T16:04:37+11:00

Generally speaking – no. We sell consignment instruments on a 20% commission and you’ll most likely get a better price for your instrument in this way than doing a cash deal with us or somebody else. If you have something that is of great interest to us that we think we can fairly quickly sell, there’s a possibility that we could be tempted. Call us and we’ll let you know if you have something that might tempt us. The last thing we bought was a nice cavaquinho that needed a bit of repair.

Do you do lessons and workshops?2016-02-04T15:57:44+11:00

We do lessons at Guitar Gallery but we are a small shop and we don’t employ a team of teachers. Gerry teaches dobro, banjo, mandolin and occasionally fiddle. Graham teaches pedal steel, dobro, beginners guitar and banjo. We also run workshops, generally on cold winter evenings, on a wide range of instrumental styles.

Do you do repairs?2015-08-12T15:11:43+10:00

Yes, we do repairs on most of the instruments that we sell. Call us to make sure that your instrument is not beyond our scope. Set ups, general repairs, restringing, maintenance, fret dressing, tracking down annoying buzzes, pickup repair and fitting – all these and other repairs can be done at Guitar Gallery.

What are the opening hours at Guitar Gallery?2015-08-12T14:55:00+10:00

We’re open on weekdays from 10am until 6pm and on Saturdays from 10am until 4pm. If you really need to see us on a Sunday call us to arrange an appointment.

Do you sell second hand and vintage instruments?2015-08-12T15:08:08+10:00

Yes, we are a licensed second hand dealer and we sell instruments on consignment. We’re fairly selective about what we sell and try to keep to a rule of quality instruments only, or at the very least interesting instruments. We charge a 20% consignment fee, the same as most places.