This guitar, completed in December 2010 by Ian Watchorn, is made of aged (40 year) Spanish cypress and European spruce with a Cuban cedar neck and Brasilian rosewood headplate and bindings. The fingerboard and bridge are ebony with bone trim. The pegs are actually “PegHed” planetary tuners and do a great job, both tuning and weight/balance-wise.

The string length is 619mm and the guitar has 18 frets, with a 19th fret on the e’.

The tone is very full and fruity with good part definition and a strong dynamic range. The balance of the low tension gut strings is excellent and the projection is very good.

The barring of the belly (5 floating fan bars) is typical of the southern Spanish makers at this time and continues through well into the 20th century. Ian recently restored a Marcelo Barbero of 1955 which had exactly the same barring.