Cordoba Fusion 12 Spruce Guitar


Fusion Series

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Cordoba Fusion 12 Spruce Guitar, model Cordoba-12-NATSP

The 12 Natural is part of Cordoba’s Fusion series, a high quality crossover range, of hybrid nylon string guitars. The Fusion 12 range offers similar qualities of a steel string acoustic guitar, but in a nylon string.

As the name suggests, the Fusion 12 has 12 frets which allows the bridge to sit further back on the soundboard. As a result, the Fusion 12 has a loud sound and long sustain.

The Fusion 12 range uses traditional Spanish guitar-making methods, and has domed soundboards.

Cordoba Fusion 12 Spruce Guitar comes has pick-up onboard. Also comes in a cedar version.


Brand: Cordoba



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