Gold Tone IT-250F Irish Tenor Banjo




Head: Remo 27.9 cm (11″) HC Renaissance

Resonator: 35.5 cm (14″) mahogany

Buttons: C-style

Fingerboard: 17-fret ebony

Rim: 3-ply

Tone ring: 40-hole brass archtop

Brackets: 24

Scale length: 50.1 cm (19 3/4″)

Finish: Vintage brown

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Gold Tone IT-250F Irish Tenor Banjo

This is a top shelf Irish Tenor from Gold Tone. It’s an archtop style which results in even more volume that will cut through any jam session, and therefore hold its on even when accordions are present.

Our full range of banjos can be found on the link.

Brand: Gold Tone


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