Mike Ramsey Banjo with 11-inch Pot


Hand-crafted Old Time Banjo

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Mike Ramsey Banjo with 11-inch Pot

Mike Ramsey certainly comes into the boutique category when it comes to banjos. This banjo is no exception. 

Back in the day when banjos ruled the stringed instrument world, well, when it came to volume anyway, the tone ring was where it was at, and many innovations occurred.

The Dobson Tone ring was one of them, Orpheum was another. They were all trying to get more sustain out of the instrument, after all, it was just a drum with strings and a calfskin head could be tightened just so much before it broke.

They would have loved the modern heads we have nowadays.  Thankfully Mike has used a contemporary head so no worries there. His inlay work is fantastic too.

With a Dobson tone ring and heel, the Mike Ramsey Banjo with 11-inch Pot has recreated a bit of history.

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