Smiger ARS-30-CE Concert Ukulele



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Smiger ARS-30-CE Concert Ukulele

A beautiful, premium concert ukulele, the ARS-30-CE from Smiger is made from ziricote timber. If you’ve not heard of ziricote, it is an exotic timber that has a striking appearance, which is sometimes called spider-webbing.


The ARS-30-CE comes with a host of features. For example, the uke has an arched back, abalone inlay around the sound-hole and binding, and redwood armrest. Further details include a pick-up and tuner with 3 band EQ system onboard for on stage use. As with the GKC-100, sapwood and heartwood are used to great visual effect.


Not only does this uke include Gotoh-style machine heads, it comes in a gloss finish, and the price includes a padded bag.


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