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Duet 48 Key

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Wheatstone Concertina Duet

This immaculate instrument is a rare thing, made in 1938. The Wheatstone company was simply the best at the time. The leather straps are original and as you can see by the photo, they are as new. Stainless steel reeds are the preferred material to give long life and a powerful tone. A beautiful piece of history, this instrument has been restored and is ready to play.

The Wheatstone Concertina Duet is a duet Maccann system 48 key, which makes it even more rare. The regular Anglo player will run a mile, but for a new player who is not working in traditional circles, it would be a great thing to take up.

Being fully chromatic, any key is possible and chording too. Basically this Maccann system runs from low to high, left hand to right. The idea being you can accompany yourself a-la piano style. It’s a great shame that after its 150 year reign the concertina went out of style, because some players would have taken this little jewel into all sorts of musical styles.

NOTE: This is the Maccann button system.

After painstaking research and tracking, we managed to find the original Wheatstone ledger for this Duet Concertina

Or, if you fancy a bit of a read, learn more about the history of the McCann Duet system.


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