Blueridge Parlour Guitar Range



There is nothing quite like a small body 12 fret guitar and Blueridge make one of the best.

More details about Blueridge Parlour Guitar Range

The Parlour guitar range represents a little piece of history. All of the BR-3 range have the signiture features of being 12-fret guitars with a slotted headstock and finally a wide classical neck. Fingerstyle players often love these guitars. Blueridge as a company, love to keep to the traditional format.

All the parlour range are built from solid timbers, this body size was originally named zero size. C F Martin then went on with adding zeros as the guitar got bigger. The little parlour was really the first successful steel string to ever be produced and while it lends itself to the classical finger style as people discovered, when you take a flatpick to one they just get louder. For such a small body, these guitars were quite amazing for their time back in the early 1900’s.