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Giacomel J5 Mandolin

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Northfield Artist Series Mandolin

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Northfield Big Mon Mandolin

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Northfield A-5 Special Mandolin

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Northfield F-2 Mandolin

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Northfield Model M Mandolin

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Deering Eagle II 5-String Banjo

Retail Price: $6,999.00
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Kentucky KM-1000B Mandolin

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Octolindo F Model Deluxe Octave Mandolin

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Octolindo S Model Deluxe Octave Mandolin

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Eastman MDO605-GB Octave Mandolin

Retail Price: $3,249.00
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Octolindo S Model Troubadour Octave Mandolin


Traditional music from all cultures have used stringed instruments in some shape or form. Stringed instruments can be made from many things that on hand with a little ingenuity and persistance. Both fiddle and banjo are good examples of these, materials being cigar boxes for fiddles and gourds or buckets for banjos.