Northfield F-2 Mandolin


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This mandolin has sold but we will certainly be getting another one in our next order.

Let us know if you would like a custom model, there are many options in timbers, stains and neck widths.

More details about Northfield F-2 Mandolin

This Northfield F-2 Artist model is without a doubt the best scroll model roundhole mandolin we have ever had at the Guitar Gallery. It’s depth of tone, power and projection is astonishing especially as roundhole mandolins are known to lack this when compared to the classic F-hole models of similar quality.

Northfield are really hitting the mark with their reseach and design and being assisted by some of the top players in the USA. They are all built in Michigan.

These players really know what makes a great mandolin tick and very likely have great examples in their private collections which Northfield can study and even improve on the originals. The quality of materials used are are in the AAA grades of spruce and maples and the finishes are flawless.

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