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The Loar was registered as a brand name and that was a very canny idea.

No-one had thought of using the name of the most influential man who worked and designed for the Gibson guitar company and single handedly changed mandolin and guitar patterns forever. His name was Lloyd Loar and he has become the Stradivari of his age. Applying the centuries of violin knowledge he created some of the most spectacular and highly prized instruments of our time. He only worked for Gibson for a several years but his contributions made huge advances in stringed instrument design.

The Loar guitar range is not a high end and expensive brand but it does bring some of the most popular small body guitars to customers who do not wish to spend thousands but hundreds of dollars. They sound good, look good and play well, no more, no less. It is a great shame these guitars are no longer available in Australia. We hope another distributor will pick up the baton and import them once more because we will miss them.