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kentucky km 1000b mandolin Sale!

Kentucky KM-1000B Mandolin

Retail Price: $5,499.00
kentucky km 1000 mandolin Sale!

Kentucky KM-1000 Mandolin

kentucky km 750 mandolin Sale!

Kentucky KM-750 Mandolin

kentucky km 505 mandolin Sale!

Kentucky KM-505 Mandolin

kentucky km 270 mandolin range Sale!

Kentucky KM-270 Mandolin Range

kentucky km 250 mandolin Sale!

Kentucky KM-250 Mandolin Range

kentucky km 140 mandolin Sale!

Kentucky KM-140 Range

kentucky km 300e electric mandolin Sale!

Kentucky KM-300E Electric Mandolin


Kentucky make a range of archtop mandolins and they are all classic designs of high quality and value for money. Kentucky were originally made in Japan in the seventies, I played one at Mandolin Brothers New York in the late 1970’s and was surprised by how good it was, assuming it was US made. These early mandolins stood out in quality and sound. Since then Japan has become very highly regarded in their instrument building. The Kentucky brand was in danger of becoming unaffordable and so Saga Music California made a decision to move to China for their products. As with all Saga brands their quality and value has only gotten better and better. Kentucky are now one of the premium mandolin brands worldwide.

Eastman are also at the top of the list and between these two companies there is an enormous choice of high grade instruments that actually compliment each other. Kentucky are definately worth a look in the lower price range and Eastman present fine options in the higher end with added bonuses of K&K pick-ups being factory fitted. Both brands are dependable in their value for money and performance.