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bryden sbj 424 tenor banjo Sale!

Bryden SBJ-424 Tenor Banjo

bryden sbj524 banjo Sale!

Bryden SBJ524 Banjo


Bryden make our biggest selling entry level 5 string resonator banjo. The Bryden banjo is full of surprises, it is on the surface a fairly simple design but it does have some fundamentally important features. One being a wooden shell or pot, it is the heart of any banjo and needs to be of timber construction. The Bryden has one and also a modest tone ring, this is a brass ring that sits on the top edge of the pot. This gives the banjo a sustain (or ring) that gives a banjo that essential sound but there is more required to make the Bryden work for you and that is the adjustment of the instrument.

Here at the Guitar Gallery we know how important it is to adjust banjos to get the very best out of any instrument. Any banjo, at whatever level can sound bad when not adjusted correctly. Head tension is the primary issue and when tensioned correctly even a humble Bryden can sparkle.

We offer basic tuition and advice regarding banjos and are always happy to set you on the right track when buying your first instrument.

Bluegrass fingerstyle is our speciality.