Vega VVS Vintage Star Banjo



The bell-like Dobson tone ring combined with a 12 inch pot gives a banjo a deep ringing tone.

More details about Vega VVS Vintage Star Banjo

A Vega Vintage Star is an openback banjo with a 12 inch pot and has the legendary Dobson tone ring patented in 1881 by Henry Dobson.

With proper head tension, this ring will improve your banjos sustain and resonance, without bright overtones of metal tone rings. Created from sheet brass, it is spun not cast which also makes the banjo lighter. Vega have done a great job and included the frailing scoop too.

Specifications :

Twelve inch violin grade maple rim with a thinner wall.

– Knotless tailpiece tops off the setup to produce a classic old-time tone.

– Durable, low maintenance frosty bronze finish which is hypoallergenic.

– Quartersawn maple neck with Vega “D” shape, dark Walnut stain, ebony nut and twenty two

nickel silver frets.

– Twelve inch thinner 3-ply violin grade maple rim with Dobson tone ring, twelve inch low

crown renaissance head, beveled steel tension hoop, matched wooden Deering armrest and

frosted bronze hypoallergenic hardware.

– Dimensions:  1.25″ neck width at nut, 26.25″ scale length nut to bridge, 12″ rim diameter,