Eastman MD615-GB Mandolin


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This F Style mandolin from Eastman represents their finest workmanship with hand carved top, back and scroll. Block inlays and a K&K pick-up already fitted.

More details about Eastman MD615-GB Mandolin

The MD615-GB is one of Eastman’s finest mandolins. The hand carved scroll is beautifully executed which is the signiture of a quality mandolin. The scroll tells much about the maker and craftmanship of the rest of the instrument.

The MD615-GB has all the signs and delivers a cracking sound that you would expect from a mandolin in this price range. This mandolin is certainly aimed at the professional player, it also comes with a factory fitted K&K pick-up that is positioned further inside the top. This gives you an ever better result than after market fittings. This mandolin is clear evidence that Eastman really know what they a doing.