Shubb Fine Tune Capo Range


No more searching in pockets, guitar cases no more lost or borrowed capos that never return and easy to use.

More details about Shubb Fine Tune Capo Range

These Shubb fine tune Capos are high quality with a fine adjustable tension control wheel. Suitable for nut widths up to 43mm

The capo is specially designed to sit just behind the nut of your instrument and deliver an even pressure across all six strings. No more digging in your pocket, lending it and not getting it back or leaving it behind somewhere ( most common ). Also you won’t have something sticking out from your peghead possibly with a tuner as well. Your old sprung capo may not work too well at first fret and if it does it will be too tight further up the thicker neck which most likely will put the guitar out of tune.

If you use a capo constantly these capos are one of the best you can buy.