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A bit about the Kentucky KM-270 Mandolin

Before 1922, the most popular mandolins had oval-shaped sound holes. They gave a distinctive sound which played a significant role in shaping up the sound of popular music of the day.

The small size,  along with relative affordability made the instrument perfect for a wide variety of musical styles. To date, popular A-style instruments of the past are still played by expert musicians and remain coveted by collectors all around the world.

The Kentucky KM-270 mandolin incorporates classic design features, and uses the best quality tonewoods. Specifications are listed below:

  • The back and side material is made of solid maple
  • The binding is made of Ivoroid
  • The material used for a bridge is Rosewood carrying Adjustment Wheels
  • The Fingerboard Binding contains White ABS
  • The Fingerboard Inlay contains M-O-P dots
  • Rosewood is the material used in fingerboard
  • The instrument does come in natural blonde version (KM-272)
  • There is a dovetail body joint
  • One-piece maple is the material used for the neck
  • The peghead inlay contains a vintage wreath white pearl along with a pearl Kentucky script
  • Snakehead rosewood is used for peghead overlay
  • The tailpiece is nickel-plated with cover plate and leather insert
  • The top of this instrument is solid spruce


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The Kentucky’s are excellent mandolins for the price point and will serve beginners right through to advanced players with their higher end models. The Lloyd Load era A5 replica they make is an accurate facsimile of the genuine article, sharing many of the originals tonal qualities. Quite remarkable!

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