Blueridge BR-280 Guitar


Prewar series


A highly prized and rare edition instrument.



Top: Solid Sitka spruce

Back and sides:  Brazilian rosewood

Neck: Mahogany

Inlay: Abalone pearl


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Blueridge BR-280 Guitar

This highly prized Blueridge BR-280 dreadnought is a rare edition guitar. Constructed from very old, and highly figured Brazilian rosewood back and sides, along with a Sitka top. Consequently, this guitar has a mid-range tone heard in many early guitars. Also, as is the case with Indian Rosewood guitars, tonally it does not thin out in high neck positions. Additionally, all  the bindings of this guitar have abalone pearl inlay in the traditional Martin style.


In guitar-making, timber of this type was widely used up until the late 60s. As a result, classic vintage instruments such as the 1959 Gibson Les Paul and the 1940s Martin OOO-28 have become highly collectible, in most part, because of the use of Brazilian rosewood, in their construction.


Brazilian rosewood will never again be available for guitar-making. Instead, Indian rosewood now reigns. Currently, Brazilian rosewood is on the restricted list as a vulnerable species. To explain a little, the timber was plentiful in the early 20th century, but rampant harvesting of the Amazon rainforest led to a ban on the importation of Brazilian rosewood. Today, guitars can be constructed from Brazilian rosewood, provided the timber was harvested was before the CITES treaty.


As mentioned above, the timber used in the Blueridge BR-280 dreadnought guitar is very old, and therefore was harvested before the CITES treaty, and so not subject to trade restrictions.


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Brand: Blueridge



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